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PIL In Delhi HC To Continue Marshals In Buses For Women's Safety

10:43 AM Mar 19, 2023 IST | News Desk
pil in delhi hc to continue marshals in buses for women s safety

New Delhi [India]: A Public Interest Litigation (PIL) has been moved in Delhi High Court seeking continued deployment of the Marshals in DTC buses as per the Delhi government’s Bus Marshals Scheme, introduced by the Transport Department in 2015 to improve women’s safety in public buses in Delhi.

The plea has been moved by social activist and practising lawyer Amit Sahni.

It is stated according to recent media reports, ‘DTC buses are running without marshals on board. The Government is trying to justify the replacement of Bus Marshals by Installation of CCTVs’.

It also stated that the Delhi government’s Bus Marshals Scheme was introduced by the Transport Department in 2015 has helped in lowering the cases of eve teasing, and theft in Delhi buses apart from maintaining overall discipline in the commuters using buses to commute on daily basis and it is quite essential to continue deployment of Bus Marshals in Delhi buses.

‘Article 21 of the Constitution of India provides for the Protection of life and personal liberty. To travel in a safe and secured environment is also a part of Article 21 of the Constitution of India. It is the duty of the State to provide sufficient security and protection to every person/ citizen of the country,’ the plea said.

The Transport Department itself admitted that the deployment of Marshals in Delhi Buses had boosted the morale of females using public transport and in case of eve teasing or theft like situation, the Marshal takes over the situation. Thus, it has been extremely helpful in reducing crime, the plea read.

The plea further stated that the respondent’s view that the CCTV can replace the Marshals is absolutely misconceived as CCTV cannot provide better security and protection to the females on the spot. It, however, helps in tracking the crime later if the same is reported by a commuter.

It is an open secret that most of the crimes particularly against women are not reported and as the such deployment of Marshals in Delhi Buses is quite essential and the CCTV installation cannot replace the presence of Marshal in Delhi Buses, who immediately come to rescue the commuter in distress, the plea added.

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