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Pune-Based Artist Nilesh Accuses NCP SCP MLA Rohit Pawar Of Not Paying Bills For His Artwork

08:49 PM May 07, 2024 IST | NEWS Desk
pune based artist nilesh accuses ncp scp mla rohit pawar of not paying bills for his artwork
Pune-Based Artist Nilesh Accuses NCP SCP MLA Rohit Pawar Of Not Paying Bills For His Artwork

Pune (Maharashtra) [India]: A Pune-based artist Nilesh has accused NCP SCP MLA Rohit Pawar of not paying his dues for multiple artworks he did in his assembly constituency.

He made wall paintings in Karjat Jamkhed in Ahmednagar, the assembly constituency of Rohit Pawar. The work was done during the Covid period and the pending amount is Rs 16 lakh.

He told media, "My name is Nilesh artist, I do wall painting work. During the lockdown, Rohit Pawar and Amol Kolhe had come to inaugurate a painting of Shivaji Maharaj that I had made on the wall. During the event, Rohit Pawar appreciated my work and said we would give him more work. Rohit Pawar used to do very good work for the youth then. I am from a poor family, coming from Solapur."

"I am staying in Pune with my mother. After the program, Rohit Pawar sent one car for me the very next day and also finalized some locations in his constituency Karjat Jamkhed where I was asked to make paintings and those were very big paintings," he added.

He said that he has been facing financial issues for the last few years and had made the request to Rohit Pawar and his office but got no response and he is feeling helpless now.

He continued, "I was given the work of painting, there were two-three children along with me who were also involved in this work. Five of us together worked there for 3 months to make paintings. Meanwhile, my grandmother had also passed away, for which I had also spent a lot. I continued the work for which I had also asked for some money from Rohit Pawar ji but he told me that there was no need to send any bill etc."

"I felt that he was helping us artists during the lockdown. Later. When the work was over, I followed him many times but then he stopped picking up the phone and stopped replying to the messages, I tried to contact him through the phone, and I also sent messages to some of his workers.

In between, my financial situation had deteriorated a lot, my brother also had an accident, then I had requested many times to give me my money but there was no response from there," said the artist.

He shared that he is going through a lot of financial issues, "I don't even have my own house, I am going through a lot of problems but no reply came from them. I want Rohit Pawar ji to pay my outstanding so that I can do something for myself with this money," he concluded.

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