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Kansai International Airport Paves Way To Make Japan "Tourism Kingdom"

09:06 PM Feb 28, 2024 IST | appteam
kansai international airport paves way to make japan  tourism kingdom
Kansai International Airport Paves Way To Make Japan "Tourism Kingdom"

Osaka [Japan]: Japan is becoming a "Tourism Kingdom" and is looking for more upscale accommodations. Every year, 8.4 million foreign visitors arrive at Kansai International Airport. It is regarded as western Japan's largest entrance.

At Kansai International Airport, JCB is the only original international card issued in the country and offers visitors dynamic, profitable services.

Wataru Nakatani of Global Business Planning Department, JCB has said, "We think it will provide a profitable move to Osaka or Tokyo for JCB members. For example, a JCB member can buy 10 percent off limousine bus tickets at this exclusive lane."

Moreover, there are convenient services for travellers as well.

Wataru Nakatani of the Global Business Planning Department, JCB said, "At Nankai Electric Railway, which runs from Kansai International Airport to Namba and Wakayama, users of touch function cards can get on the train without getting a ticket since last April."

The Kansai International Airport provides various services and hospitality with the help of JCB.
Group Leader, Controlling & BI, Commercial Non Aeronautical Division, Kansai Airports. Hirotsugu Mori said, "During the corona pandemic we had a harsh time. Now foreign visitors are increasing steadily to share in the benefit of cheap Yen currency. 70% of visitors to Kansai airport are foreigners. We aim to make their journey filled with good memories. To realize it we prepare a comfortable sphere. Walk through duty free shop is the biggest one in Japan. It is a convenient and comfortable shopping area."

Wataru Nakatani, Global Business Planning Department, JCB said, "This site introduces JCB's campaign for foreign card members. Including English, it provides 7 languages. Using foreign issued JCB cards, holders can get 1,000-Yen cash back after shopping and after having a meal or drink in the restaurant. Airport lounge is also available. JCB develops this promotion to make card holders feeling profitable and comfortable."

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