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"Anti-Sanatan Alliance...": Smriti Irani Condemns Ram Gopal Yadav's Remark On Ram Mandir

09:32 AM May 08, 2024 IST | 8PM News Desk
 anti sanatan alliance      smriti irani condemns ram gopal yadav s remark on ram mandir
"Anti-Sanatan alliance...": Smriti Irani condemns Ram Gopal Yadav's remark on Ram Mandir

Amethi : Union Minister Smriti Irani, on Wednesday lashed out at Ram Gopal Yadav over his statement against Ram Mandir and said that the BJP will reply to the "anti-Sanatan" alliance by its election results.

"We all know that they oppose Ram and Sanatan. Ram Gopal Yadav's statement on Ram Temple can insight anger among the people. As a Ram devotee, I want to tell him that in this election the people will give a reply to his anti-Sanatan alliance," Smriti Irani said.

Earlier, In an interview with a Hindi television news channel Ram Gopal, the cousin of late SP patriarch and former CM Mulayam Singh Yadav, termed the Ram Temple a 'bekar Mandir' (flawed and useless temple), adding that it was not built following Vastu Shastra.

"It (Ram Mandir) is a useless temple. The blueprint of the temple was flawed and it was not built in accordance with Vastu," the senior SP leader added.

The Amethi Lok Sabha BJP candidate, Smriti Irani also criticised Pakistan's simultaneous backing of Rahul Gandhi.

Former Pakistani minister Chaudhry Fawad Hussain has been posting tweets in support of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi amid the ongoing Lok Sabha elections in India.

Addressing a gathering in Amethi, Irani said, "Till now I used to contest against the Congress leader only, but now a Pakistani leader has said that Smriti Irani should be defeated. 'Tumse Pakistan na sambhalta, tum Amethi ki chinta karte ho'. If my voice reaches the leader of Pakistan, I want to say, this is the Amethi where PM Modi has built the factory of the AK 203 rifle, that rifle used to kill Pakistani terrorists on borders.

Chunaav chal rha hai desh me, samarthan mil rha aapko (Rahul Gandhi) videsh me", Irani said.

Smriti Irani said, "While elections are underway in our nation, Rahul Gandhi is receiving support from another country. Why hasn't Rahul Gandhi disavowed this support from Pakistan yet? Why hasn't he condemned the interference of Pakistani politicians in Indian elections? Rahul Gandhi needs to respond to this".

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