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"Work Done In Recent Times To Strengthen Constitution, Was Never Done Before": Deputy Chairman Rajya Sabha Harivansh Singh

12:53 PM May 11, 2024 IST | 8PM News Desk
 work done in recent times to strengthen constitution  was never done before   deputy chairman rajya sabha harivansh singh
""Work done in recent times to strengthen Constitution, was never done before": Deputy Chairman Rajya Sabha Harivansh Singh

New Delhi: Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha Harivansh on Saturday dispelled the opposition allegation that the BJP-led government would change the constitution if voted to power saying that the amount of work done in the last ten years to strengthen the constitution had never been done before.

Harivansh said "Gandhi had said a person's work speaks for him... It is doubtful that the amount of work to strengthen the Constitution that has been done in this time was ever done before. When did the level of importance which has been given to Baba Ambedkar now accorded to him before? At the time, he did not even get a ticket from one of the most important political parties."

"Someone should ask when did he (Baba Ambedkar) and Patel sahib receive the Bharat Ratna?" Harivansh added.

On opposition alleging that if the BJP-led NDA government assumes power in the Centre again, then the reservations would be abolished, Harivansh said, "So many steps have been taken to strengthen Reservation in all sectors in recent times. You can compare the steps which have been taken now with ones taken before."

Harivansh also expressed his views on the opposition's allegation of the construction of the Ram temple for vote bank politics and said, "... This is most unfortunate... We should not do politics on this. We should remember how Acharya Narendra Dev was defeated in 1951-52 and what kind of language and adjectives were used for him."

"I believe that some things should be separate from politics. There can be nothing more unfortunate for our country than the controversy over Lord Ram" he added.

The Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha also said that he had prayed before Lord Ram at Ayodhya on Friday for a strong, stable and decisive government in these elections.

"My first prayer before Lord Ram was that India should get a strong, stable and decisive government. The reason for this was the reports in international media which said foreign powers are working to weaken our country. I read yesterday how one of our neighbouring countries which considers itself as a strong power wants to make a submarine base in the Bay of Bengal," he said.

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