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"Will Make Suggestions To Govt Regarding Re-Implementation Of 'One Nation One Election'": Ram Nath Kovind

06:52 PM Nov 20, 2023 IST | NEWS Desk
 will make suggestions to govt regarding re implementation of  one nation one election    ram nath kovind
"Will Make Suggestions To Govt Regarding Re-Implementation Of 'One Nation One Election'": Ram Nath Kovind

Raebareli (Uttar Pradesh) [India]: Former President and ‘One Nation, One Election’ committee chairperson Ram Nath Kovind said that members of the committee, together with the public will make suggestions to the government regarding re-implementation of this idea.

Speaking to the media, Ram Nath Kovind said ‘The Government of India formed a high-level committee and appointed me as its chairman. Members of the committee, together with the public, will give suggestions to the Government regarding the re-implementation of this tradition (One Nation, One Election). I have also communicated with all the nationally registered political parties and sought their suggestions. Every political party has supported it at some point in time. We are requesting all the parties for their constructive support as it is beneficial to the country. It is a matter of national interest.’

He further said that no political party has anything to do with this and it will ultimately benefit the public as whatever the money is saved can be used in development works.

The second meeting of the committee on ‘One Nation One Elections’ headed by former President Ram Nath Kovind concluded in the national capital on October 25.

During the meeting, all the legal and constitutional possibilities regarding the implementation of One Nation One Election were discussed in detail.

Meanwhile, the first meeting at Jodhpur Officer Hostel in Delhi lasted for about 45 minutes and the second meeting lasted for about one and a half hours.

The central government earlier in September constituted a high-level Committee to examine the issue of ‘One Nation, One Election’ and make recommendations for holding simultaneous elections in the country.

The central idea behind ‘One Nation One Election’ is to synchronize the timing of Lok Sabha and State Assembly elections across all States to reduce the frequency of polls throughout the country.

This concept was the practice till 1967, but it was disrupted due to various reasons such as defections, dismissals, and dissolutions of government.

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