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Watch Video: Gen. R. N. Bhalla (Retd.) Demonstrated Exemplary Leadership Skills During Indo-Pak War 1971

02:54 PM Jun 27, 2022 IST | appteam
watch video  gen  r  n  bhalla  retd   demonstrated exemplary leadership skills during indo pak war 1971

The Battle of Bogra is unique in the history of the 1971 War as it was perhaps the only battle that was fought in built up areas. An unimaginable level of ferocity between the two foes was witnessed as every inch of ground was contested for.

Bogra was important in the North Western Sector as it was the District Headquarters and an important communications centre. It had a big railway yard and a functional air strip and was connected to Dacca and other parts of East Pakistan by rail, road and air.

Gen. R. N. Bhalla (Retd.) demonstrated exemplary leadership skills and team spirit during the Battle of Bogra as part of the Indo-Pak War, 1971.

He led ‘340 Independent Brigade Group’ to capture the most critical post during the operation and thus played a critical role in defeating the Pakistani army. Watch Gen. Bhalla sharing a gripping narrative of the epic win in the third episode of the Battlefield Dossier Season 03.

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