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Victoria Monet Shares Picture With Beyonce, Calls Her "Idol" And "Inspiration"

08:20 PM Feb 07, 2024 IST | NEWS Desk
victoria monet shares picture with beyonce  calls her  idol  and  inspiration
Victoria Monet Shares Picture With Beyonce, Calls Her "Idol" And "Inspiration"

Washington DC [US]: American singer-songwriter and musician Victoria Monet has a special message for ace singer Beyonce.

Monet shared a photo along of the two taken at the Grammys 2024, reported People.
She took to her Instagram handle to share the picture with Beyonce and called her "idol" and "inspiration".

She wrote in the caption, "Dear @Beyonce, my queen my idol my inspiration!I was extremely nervous to come say hello to you I swear I'm usually not even the type to have the courage, but as soon as we spoke I felt a calm over me. It felt like home..and I knowwww that sounds crazy, but I felt it and that had to be God and some guardian angels too! God knows how much I love you, how you've musically raised me and trained me to be a better performer by watching and experiencing you, and how many solo concerts I've had in my room dreaming and singing into a hair brush or remote when your albums and visuals drop!"

"You're my Diana, my Tina, my Aretha! My Bey!!! Your legacy has absolutely been my artist development...the best blueprint any performer could ever ask for but never EVER to be compared!! The ONLY one..The way you have gracefully balanced motherhood and world domination is to be studied! The vulnerable display of this balance in your films and in real time have helped me crawl out of postpartum and in a lot of ways saved my mind's life."

"I know I am your billionth self proclaimed biggest fan but there's a lot of bees in this hive and the honey is endless!! Thank you for your beauty and grace and legacy that continues opening doors for so many of us black girls, and for taking the time to speak to me on the biggest day of my career. You've really been here all along! I love you forever, all ways, always!-Sincerely Victoria," the post concluded.

In addition to meeting her idol, Monet had a lot to celebrate. She won three Grammys, Best New Artist, Best R&B Album, and Best-engineered Album, non-classical.

"This award was a 15-year pursuit. I moved to LA in 2009. And I like to liken myself to a plant that was planted and you can look at the music industry as soil and it can look to be looked at as dirty or can be looked at as a source of nutrients and water. And my roots have been growing underneath the ground unseen for so long. And I feel like today I'm sprouting finally above ground," Monet said during her acceptance speech for best new artist.

Beyonce was neither a nominee nor a performer this year. She attended to support her husband JAY-Z, who was the recipient of the Dr Dre Global Impact Award.

During his acceptance speech, JAY-Z seemingly called out the Recording Academy over his wife's lack of best album wins, though she's been nominated for the top prize four times.

With 32 wins and 88 nominations, Beyonce is the most-awarded and most-nominated artist in Grammys history, reported People.

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