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"Unfortunately, We Are At A Loss For Words....": BJP Mocks Rahul Gandhi

08:49 AM Mar 17, 2023 IST | appteam
 unfortunately  we are at a loss for words       bjp mocks rahul gandhi

New Delhi [India]: The BJP on Thursday took a dig at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi after the latter was seen being coached and corrected by senior party leader Jairam Ramesh during a press conference in the national capital.

A clip of the press conference went viral where Rahul Gandhi says, ‘Unfortunately I am a member of Parliament.’ The remark prompted Ramesh to mutter in Rahul’s ear, asking him to say, ‘Unfortunately, I am a member of Parliament, they can make a joke out of it.’

‘Unfortunately for you, I am a Member of Parliament and as the allegation has been made in Parliament by four ministers, it is my right to have the opportunity to have my say on the floor of Parliament. It is my democratic right,’ Gandhi said, correcting himself.

Union Minister Piyush Goyal shared the 25-second clip from Rahul’s press conference on his Twitter handle, posting ‘Unfortunately, we are at a loss for words….’

BJP spokesperson Shehzad Poonawala tweeted, ‘Well Jairam it is unfortunate for us that he is an MP in the August Parliament he so badly undermines & betrays..Sad that he can’t even make a statement without being coached! Wonder who coached him for his foreign intervention statement?’

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