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Tripura: Senior Citizens, Disabled Can Avail Home Voting Facility From April 9

08:30 AM Apr 06, 2024 IST | NEWS Desk
tripura  senior citizens  disabled can avail home voting facility from april 9
Tripura: Senior citizens, disabled can avail home voting facility from April 9

Agartala (Tripura) [India]: From Tuesday, people who are 85 years and above, and disabled can now have the option to cast their votes from the comfort of their homes, West Tripura District Election Officer (DEO) and Returning Officer (RO) Vishal Kumar said.

District Election Officer (DEO) and Returning Officer (RO) Kumar expressed the significance of the initiative, stating that the Election Commission of India has the motto that every vote matters.

Kumar highlighted the meticulous preparation involved, including compiling a list of voters aged 85 and above, and persons with disabilities (PwD).

"The Election Commission of India has the motto that every vote matters. For this, we have prepared a list of voters who are 85+ years old and PwD people and have received requisition forms from them by March 25th. Now, from April 9th onwards, their votes will be collected from their homes," Vishal Kumar said.

Earlier, the Election Commission announced 'vote-from-home' facilities for citizens over 85 years of age and persons with disabilities for the Lok Sabha elections.

The commission said that voters above 85 years of age and persons with disabilities with a 40 percent benchmark disability can vote from home. The commission said that at polling stations, volunteers and wheelchairs will be deployed and transport facilities for persons with disabilities and the elderly will be arranged.

Kumar emphasized the importance of such initiatives in ensuring the inclusion of all voters.
"It's a great facility by the ECI for the PwD voters and the 85+yrs voters; such kind of initiatives will majorly affect the importance of the election for all such voters. And I am expecting that all will participate in this home voting and for this, the training has already been given to all the designated persons. All the political parties are also supporting us in all respects regarding this," Vishal Kumar said.

"Approximately 5000 voters have opted for home voting, with the process commencing on April 9th. In the West Tripura Lok Sabha constituency, home voting will take place on April 10th and 12th," he added.

The Chief Electoral Officer of Tripura, Puneet Agarwal, hailed home voting as a significant step towards increasing voter turnout nationwide.

"Home voting is a major step by the Election Commission of India to increase the voting percentage throughout the nation. During the last assembly elections, home voting was there and now during the Lok Sabha Election in Tripura, home voting is initiated," Puneet Agarwal said.

Agarwal outlined the specific dates for home voting in different constituencies.
"The home voting for the 1-West Tripura Lok Sabha Constituency Election and the 7-Ramnagar By-election Election is going to be on April 10th and 12th. And for the 2-East Tripura Lok Sabha Constituency Election, the home voting dates are April 17th and 18th," he added.

Puneet Agarwal praises the Election Commission for measures like home voting.
"Voters whose age is 85 and above and those who face various difficulties to reach the polling stations to cast their votes, the Election Commission of India has taken such special measures to take their precious votes from their homes only. The polling stations will be movable to their homes, along with polling officers, presiding officers, representatives from all the candidates and security officers," Puneet Agarwal said.

Detailing the demographics of eligible voters, Agarwal revealed that approximately 4580 voters in the West Tripura constituency and 4760 voters in the East Tripura constituency have opted for home voting out of a total of 85+ years old and Divyangjan voters.

"Its very important that the Divyangjan people must be 40% or more disabled to be enrolled in the electoral roll to take advantage of the facilities of home voting," Puneet Agarwal said.

The elections are scheduled to be held in two phases in the state. The West Tripura seat will go to the polls on April 19, while the East Tripura seat will witness voting on April 26.

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