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"Tired Of Talking With INDIA Bloc": AAP Declares Candidates For 3 Lok Sabha Seats In Assam

07:59 PM Feb 08, 2024 IST | NEWS Desk
 tired of talking with india bloc   aap declares candidates for 3 lok sabha seats in assam
"Tired Of Talking With INDIA Bloc": AAP Declares Candidates For 3 Lok Sabha Seats In Assam

New Delhi [India]: With only a few months remaining for the Lok Sabha 2024 elections, the Aam Aadmi Party announced three seats in Assam on Thursday, stressing that the party is now tired of talking with INDIA bloc partners.

Addressing a press conference, AAP MP Sandeep Pathak announced that AAP candidate Manoj Dhanohar will contest from Dibrugarh, Bhaven Chaudhary from Guwahati and Rishi Raj from Sonitpur.

During his address, the AAP MP said discussions with the INDIA bloc have been going on for months and stressed a sense of urgency, stating that the party is weary of continuous talks and needs to participate and succeed in the elections.

"Talks with the INDIA alliance have been going on for months. We are growing tired of merely talking now. We have to contest the elections and win them too. We don't have time. We stand with the INDIA alliance and hope that the alliance allots these three seats announced today to the AAP," he said.

"When you come into an alliance and your target is to win the election, time and strategy are paramount. We have become tired of talking. How much more time will be wasted in talking," he added.

Reacting to the AAP's move, Assam BJP leader Hemanga Thakuria said that the INDI alliance won't last long.

He said that the BJP had already predicted the short-lived nature of the INDI alliance when it was established in Delhi, and recent events have proven the stance.

"When the INDI alliance was formed in Delhi, then only we said that it wouldn't last long, and now it has been proved. Already Nitish Kumar has joined our NDA, in West Bengal TMC is distancing itself from Congress, and now the AAP has declared three seats. The INDI alliance is now dissolved."

Emphasizing BJP's 'Mission 400', BJP leader Hemanga Thakuria said that the opposition should now realize that PM Modi is 'unstoppable'.

He further asserted that the BJP alliance is going to win more than 12 seats in Assam and the party is working for it. 

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