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Telangana: Bandi Sanjay's Convoy Attacked With Eggs During 'Prajahita Yatra'

08:29 AM Feb 29, 2024 IST | NEWS Desk
telangana  bandi sanjay s convoy attacked with eggs during  prajahita yatra
Telangana: Bandi Sanjay's Convoy Attacked With Eggs During 'Prajahita Yatra'

Hanumakonda (Telangana) [India]: The clashes between the workers of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Congress party got bitter as some workers, allegedly from the Congress party, threw eggs at BJP National General Secretary Bandi Sanjay Kumar's vehicle during the 'Prajahita Yatra' in Telangana's Hanumakonda district on Wednesday.

Bandi Sanjay, who is a BJP MP from Telangan's Karimnagar constituency, alleged that the state police did not take any action while the incident took place.

Tensions prevailed during the Prajahita Yatra taken out by BJP MP Bandi Sanjay. Earlier in the day, workers from both parties clashed in Telangana's Siddipet district.

Allegedly, the Congress leaders tried to stop the Prajahita Yatra. The BJP leader, however, continued his yatra amid heavy police security in the Husnabad constituency.

The Bandi Sanjay team also shared a video of people (Congress workers) throwing stones during the Prajahita Yatra.

Addressing the media, Bandi Sanjay took a dig at Congress MLA from Husnabad constituency, Ponnam Prabhakar, saying, "If I lose in this election, I will take political retirement, but if the Congress Party candidate loses in this election, will she (Ponnam Prabhakar) do the same."

"I had respect and love for you, but you are thinking it's cowardness. I am not a coward. If you show arrogance like the BRS party, people will show their anger like they did to BRS. The Husnabad is a very peaceful place but they are trying to instigate and create law and order situation," she added.

On February 11, the BJP's Telangana unit announced the 'Vijaya Sankalpa Yatra' that will cover five regions in the state ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.The yatra commenced on February 20 and will culminate on March 1, the BJP said.

The yatras in the five regions were designed in such a manner that the routes of all five segments would end up in Hyderabad, the capital of the state.

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