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Tata To Manufacture IPhone In India For Global And Domestic Markets

05:58 PM Oct 27, 2023 IST | NEWS Desk
tata to manufacture iphone in india for global and domestic markets
Tata To Manufacture IPhone In India For Global And Domestic Markets

New Delhi [India]: Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Minister of State for Information Technology today announced that the Tata group will start making iPhones from India for domestic and global markets.

This after the Tata Group took over Wistron operations in India. The minister said this was a resounding testament to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s transformative vision for India’s electronics manufacturing sector.

Chandrasekhar applauded the efforts aimed at building globally recognized Indian electronics manufacturing companies. He said the visionary agenda of the government is designed to cater to both Indian and global brands, serving consumers on a national and international scale while propelling India’s ascension as a trusted global electronics manufacturing powerhouse.

Chandrasekhar posted on X, ‘PM Modi ji’s vision is to build global standard Indian electronics manufacturing companies that can serve Indian and global brands, for Indian and global consumers and to further accelerate India’s rise as a global trusted electronics manufacturing power. PM @narendramodi Ji’s visionary PLI scheme has already propelled India into becoming a trusted & major hub for smartphone manufacturing and exports.

Now within just two and a half years, @TataCompanies will start making iPhones from India for domestic and global markets from India. Congratulations to the Tata team for taking over Wistron operations. Thank you @Wistron for your contributions, and great going for Apple in building a global supply chain from India with Indian companies at its helm.

@GoI_MeitY stands fully in support of the growth of Global Indian Electronics companies that will in turn support global Electronic brands that want to make India their trusted manufacturing & talent partner and to realize PMs goal of making India a global electronics power.’

Chandrasekhar praised PM Modi’s ground-breaking Production-Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme, which has already catapulted India into the echelons of trusted and major hubs for smartphone manufacturing and exports.

These ‘Made in India’ iPhones will cater to both domestic and global markets, elevating India’s reputation as a significant player in the world of electronics manufacturing.

Chandrasekhar extended his congratulations to the Tata team for their monumental endeavour, which now includes taking over the operations of Wistron.

In addition, he expressed his appreciation to Wistron for their valuable contributions. The successful partnership between Apple and these Indian companies marks a crucial step in establishing a global supply chain originating from India.

Chandrasekhar emphasized the unwavering support of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) in the growth of global Indian electronics companies.
These firms, in turn, play a pivotal role in supporting global electronic brands seeking to make India their trusted partner in manufacturing and talent.

Their collaboration aligns with Prime Minister Modi’s overarching vision of positioning India as a global electronics powerhouse.

The synergy between government policies, corporate endeavours, and global collaborations is steering India toward becoming a dominant player in electronics manufacturing.

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