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"Tactics To Divert Attention From Adani Issue," KC Venugopal

04:04 PM Mar 19, 2023 IST | appteam
 tactics to divert attention from adani issue   kc venugopal

Kochi (Kerala): The AICC General Secretary KC Venugopal on Sunday accused the central government of diverting the people from the Adani issue, after the Special CP (L&O) Sagar Preet Hooda reached Rahul Gandhi’s residence on Sunday.

The Special CP(L&O) Sagar Preet Hooda arrived at the residence of Congress MP Rahul Gandhi in connection with the notice that was served to him by police to seek information on the ‘sexual harassment’ victims that he mentioned in his speech during the Bharat Jodo Yatra. ‘These are all their diversion tactics from the Adani issue,’ the AICC General Secretary KC Venugopal said.

‘The day one, Rahul Gandhi raised the issue of Adani with evidence revealing the connection between Modi and Adani, they started again to harass Rahul Gandhi and try to scare Rahul Gandhi. They don’t know Rahul Gandhi is not a person to be scared by BJP. Actually, they have to answer the questions raised by Rahul Gandhi,’ said the AICC General Secretary.

He further added that Rahul Gandhi raised questions that are very much relevant in the present context of the Adani scam. Why don’t they reply? Instead of replying, they are trying to intimidate Rahul Gandhi. They are trying to harass Rahul Gandhi.

‘As far as the Jammu Kashmir speech is concerned, Rahul Gandhi has already given his view to the Delhi police. Delhi police approached him two times. What is the purpose? What did they want? Do they want to arrest Rahul Gandhi?’ asked the Congress leader.

KC Venugopal also attacked the central government over the Adani issue, saying, ‘Now, dictatorship is paramount in our country. There are no democratic values. There is no value for Parliament. There is no value for Constitution. There is no value in democratic principles. Everything is bulldozed. For whom? Everything is because they want to protect Adani. They want to hide the real facts. By anyway, we will fight till the truth come out.’

Later, After visiting Congress MP Rahul Gandhi’s residence, Special CP (L&O) SP Hooda said ‘We’ve come here to talk to him. Rahul Gandhi gave a statement in Srinagar on Jan 30 that during Yatra he met several women & who told him that they had been raped. We’re trying to get details from him so that justice can be given to victims.’

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