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Sunken Submarine In Haifa Bay Made Historical Site

07:49 AM Feb 06, 2024 IST | NEWS Desk
sunken submarine in haifa bay made historical site
Sunken Submarine In Haifa Bay Made Historical Site

Tel Aviv [Israel]: For the first time in Israel, the submarine ‘Shira’ (scire) in Haifa Bay has been designated as a historical site for preservation. It has been marked on the nautical maps of the Israel Mapping Center in order to protect and preserve it as part of regional history.

This was an Italian submarine that was sunk by the British in the Haifa Bay area during World War II in 1942.

All 60 of its crew were killed.

The designation of ‘Shira’ as a historical site was initiated by Prof. Ehud Galili from the University of Haifa, under the joint leadership of the Marine Mapping Division at the Israel Mapping Center (MPI) and the Council for the Preservation of Heritage Sites in Israel, as the first step in a move aimed at the state’s statutory recognition of this site and other sites that were Part of the British defense system in the Haifa area.

Following the joint move, the exact location of ‘Shira’ has been updated on MAPI’s electronic nautical maps and soon the other maps will be updated accordingly.

The marking of the submarine will help preserve the site and prevent damage to it by anchored ships.

Roni Sade, Head of the Maritime Mapping Division at the Israel Mapping Center: ‘This is a first and important practical and conscious move, to preserve a piece of history that lies on the seabed of Israel.

As part of the tasks of the Maritime Mapping Division, we manage a comprehensive data base on the maritime space, and are in working relationships with organizations equivalents abroad, including the British Admiralty.’

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