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"Ridiculous ..." Nityanand Rai Slams Lalu Yadav For His Remarks On PM Modi

05:06 PM Nov 30, 2023 IST | NEWS Desk
 ridiculous      nityanand rai slams lalu yadav for his remarks on pm modi
"Ridiculous ..." Nityanand Rai Slams Lalu Yadav For His Remarks On PM Modi

Patna (Bihar) [India]: Reacting to Lalu Prasad Yadav’s remarks on PM Modi’s contribution to the Uttarkashi rescue, Home Affairs Minister Nityanand Rai launched a scathing attack on the former Bihar Chief Minister and termed his remark as ‘Ridiculous.’

‘Lalu Yadav’s statement is ridiculous. He has not done anything ever. The efforts of all the disaster management institutes and the PM’s frequent messages to boost their morale are the reason for the success,’ Rai told media on Thursday.

‘The world is watching the new methods India has implemented for disaster management and because of the 10-point agenda given by PM Modi, there is minimum damage during the 41 workers were rescued, this is a matter of wonder for everyone,’ he added.

RJD president Lalu Prasad on Wednesday slammed the BJP for giving credit to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the rescue of 41 workers from a collapsed tunnel in Uttarakhand.

‘What credit does Modi deserve? The rescue took so long. People from across the country as well as abroad had to be roped in,’ Prasad told reporters in Bihar on Wednesday.
All 41 workers who were trapped inside Uttarakhand’s Silkyari tunnel since November 12 were evacuated safely on Tuesday evening.

Meanwhile, the Congress party stirred controversy after it mocked the Prime Minister in connection with the rescue of the trapped workers.

Congress party’s official handle on X, earlier today, posted an animated picture that shows PM Modi showing a green flag in front of the Silkyara tunnel with a caption that read,

‘Install some cameras and then get darshan of Saheb’.
Hitting back at the Congress for using the chance to gain political benefits, BJP national general secretary Dushyant Kumar Gautam said,’ At a time when Congress should have prayed for those 41 lives and gathered the necessary resources, they were unable to shoulder the responsibility of the Opposition. They can only look for mockery in every matter and hurl insults. The entire country is praying for those 41 lives. But they are busy in mockery. This is unfortunate.’

On November 12, a section of the tunnel between 205 and 260 metres from the Silkyara side collapsed. Workers who were beyond the 260-metre mark were trapped, with their exit blocked. 

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