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Rajesh Khanna's 'Bawarchi' To Be Remade, Anushree Mehta To Helm The Film

11:00 AM Feb 08, 2024 IST | 8PM News Desk
rajesh khanna s  bawarchi  to be remade  anushree mehta to helm the film
Rajesh Khanna's 'Bawarchi' to be remade, Anushree Mehta to helm the film

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India] : Late legendary actor Rajesh Khanna's iconic film 'Bawarchi' is getting a remake.

Filmmaker Anushree Mehta has come on board to direct the new version.

'Bawarchi' was originally helmed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee in 1972. It featured Rajesh Khanna along with Jaya Bachchan and Asrani. Interestingly, it was also a remake of Rabi Ghosh starrer 1966 Bengali film 'Galpo Holeo Satti' by Tapan Sinha.

Excited about directing the film, Anushree said, "When my business partner Abir Sengupta (Jaadugar Films), Sameer Raj Sippy and I decided to join hands to produce these three iconic films, we were clear that we would leave no stone unturned in remaking them with utmost love and respect. During our discussion on Bawarchi, Abir and Sameer were of the opinion that I should be writing and directing the remake."

"They were convinced that I would be able to tell the story in a manner which would make them proud. We were in sync with our vision and I wholeheartedly agreed to come on board as the writer-director," she added.

Anushree said that the adaptation would echo her "confidence, honesty and sensitivity."

"The idea of retelling a film is to adapt it according to the current times and make it more relatable to the world we live in today--while keeping the soul and purpose of the original intact. Since Bawarchi itself was a remake of a Bengali film, Hrishida in his time recreated it and made it relatable to that era. My attempt is going to be with a similar intention, to retell the classic story of Bawarchi in a way that family audiences of all age groups can watch and enjoy the movie together. I'm aiming to create a wholesome, unforgettable family experience," she said.

Casting of the film is underway.

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