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"Rahul Gandhi's Brain Is Contaminated", Says Kinner Mahamandaleshwar On Congress Not Attending Pran Pratishta

12:06 PM Jan 18, 2024 IST | 8PM News Desk
 rahul gandhi s brain is contaminated   says kinner mahamandaleshwar on congress not attending pran pratishta

Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) [India] : Ahead of the Pran Pratishtha ceremony of Ram Lalla Ayodhya, Kinner Mahamandaleshwar Hemangi Sakhi lashed out at combined opposition for boycotting the Ram Mandir consecration ceremony on January 22.

‘There is Punha Pran Pratishtha in Ayodhya on January 22 but the Opposition is making such remarks on Ram Mandir. Why did Congress not take the initiative to establish the Ram Temple? In 1949, Nehru and other leaders should have established the temple. Congress has never done anything for Hindus. They never treated Hindus and Muslims at par. Today, when PM Modi took the initiative on Ram Mandir. Congress leaders call this event a function, it is more than that. They have been invited but they are boycotting.’

On being asked why it called the ceremony Punha Pran Pratishtha, Hemangi Sakhi said ‘Ram temple was already there which got destroyed along with many other temples during the Mughal era.’

Hitting out at the combined opposition and the Shankaracharya for calling Ram Mandir incomplete, Hemangi Sakhi replied ‘It is not important that the temple must get domes and flags and then only Pran Pratishtha can happen. I want to convey the same message to the so-called Shankaracharya as well. These people are giving outsiders a chance to bash us.’

Hemangi Sakhi took a dig at rahul gandhi and said that he needed to enhance his understanding of the matter.

‘Rahul Gandhi’s brain is contaminated. He is from the new generation and needs to enhance his understanding. He is thinking about how BJP and RSS are claiming Ram temple but that is not true. BJP and RSS protected dharma and now dharma will protect them.’

‘Sadhus were lathi-charged and fired upon during the rule of Congress and the Samajwadi party. Sadhus were gunshot during the reign of Indira Gandhi. I want to question the Samajwadi party and Congress if they belong from outside the country ot if they belong to our nation.’

Earlier on January 16, Rahul Gandhi termed the Pran Pratishta a political event of the BJP and the RSS.

‘The RSS and the BJP have made the 22nd January function a completely political Narendra Modi function. It’s a RSS BJP function and I think that is why the Congress President said that he would not go to the function. We are open to all religions, all practices.

Even the authorities of the Hindu religion, the biggest authorities of the Hindu religion have made their view public about what they think about the 22nd January function that it is a political function. So it is difficult for us to go to a political function which is designed around the Prime Minister of India and designed around the RSS’ Rahul Gandhi had said.

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