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Radico Khaitan Launches Festive Pack for Morpheus Brandy

11:04 AM Sep 08, 2022 IST | appteam
radico khaitan launches festive pack for morpheus brandy

Thiruvananthapuram: To mark the onset of the festive season, Radico Khaitan, India’s largest IMFL company, launches a Festive Edition pack for Morpheus Brandy, India’s largest selling premium brandy, on the occasion of Onam 2022.

Dedicated to the spirit of the biggest festival in Kerala, the special festive pack comes with a unique packaging inspired by the rich culture, traditions and heritage of Kerala like the Snake Boat Race, Pookalam (Floral Décor), Kaikottikali (renowned Kerala temple dance) & Percussion of Kerala with people celebrating festivities in traditional attire. Snake Boat Race is one of the most prominent activities performed at Onam and has been associated with the state for over 400 years.

Amar Sinha, COO, Radico Khaitan

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Amar Sinha, Chief Operating Officer, Radico Khaitan, said, “Morpheus embodies the spirit of celebration, and with the festive pack edition, we have attempted to depict the amusing traditional magnificence of Kerala in our existing pack design of Morpheus XO Brandy. As you celebrate Onam with your loved ones, let us give you another reason to rejoice with this festive Pack. It is an Onam gift from us to our loyal consumer base, and I am confident this visual delight would leave a lasting impression on them.”

He added, “Morpheus is a hallmark brand for us which has always strived to be unique with its tagline ‘Dare to Dream,’ and the product’s luxurious character allows a more heightened consumer experience. This drink can be enjoyed by men and women alike across all age groups. The brand enjoys immense popularity in Southern India, selling 3rd highest volumes in the state. Morpheus Festive Edition Pack is among the slew of innovative initiatives to further solidify the brand’s popularity and position in the market.

The Festive Edition pack of Morpheus will be available at retail till Diwali ’22

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