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Radico Celebrates 1971 Vijay Diwas By Posting Interviews Of 1971 War Veterans

06:45 PM Dec 16, 2022 IST | appteam
radico celebrates 1971 vijay diwas by posting interviews of 1971 war veterans

Delhi: On the eve of December 3, 1971, Pakistan launched a series of air strikes against India, thus signalling the official beginning of the third Indo-Pak War. On 16 December at 16:30 Hrs , Lt Gen Niazi surrendered to Lt Gen Aurora with 93,000 regular and para-military men.

The War ended in a complete victory for India. This war led to the creation of a new country, Bangladesh. “1971 WAR CHRONICLES ” is an account of these five battles that define the war. In this series, we will throw light on the lesser know facts about these battles and how these men went beyond their call of duty to bring glory to our nation.

To celebrate this year’s 1971 Vijay Diwas on 16th December, ‘1965-Spirit Of Victory‘ an initiative of Radico khaitan, posted content over the last 4 days. It started of with a teaser.

Subsequently, ‘1965-Spirit Of Victory‘ posted 3 short videos that captured fascinating stories from the war veterans. The campaign culminated with a long form video.

On this day Radico salutes the gallant actions of our men in uniform who made the supreme sacrifice in service of the nation.

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