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Pistachios Are The Nut Of 2023: From Food Trends To Fragrances

12:00 PM Jun 14, 2023 IST | NEWS Desk
pistachios are the nut of 2023  from food trends to fragrances
Pistachios Are The Nut Of 2023: From Food Trends To Fragrances

New Delhi [India]: From lattes to cocktails, fashion and even paint colours, pistachios are having a moment. Food industry leaders like Baum + Whiteman and Lyons Magnus recently predicted pistachios will be the top nut of 2023 in food trend research.

Beyond the taste and nutritional benefits of the nut, trends are extending into the colour – and even smell – of pistachios, with the nutty aroma now being used in candles and perfumes.

Looking back at where the pistachio craze began, the pandemic forced consumers to reevaluate their health and wellbeing; people were forced to consider not only what they ate and how it affected them, but also how it affected the planet. The result was a movement toward plant-based proteins, and as a source of complete protein, pistachios fit the bill.

Further, the sustainability of pistachios stands out from other crops; pistachios are a permanent crop that spans generations of farmers and as a high desert plant, are relatively drought tolerant.

The increasing popularity of pistachios in India has also been remarkable. Since American Pistachio Growers (APG) started its consumer outreach campaign in the country in 2019, the market for pistachios has grown rapidly.

The rise of pistachios in Indian cuisine brings together traditional flavours and modern influences, resulting in a delightful and flavourful experience. Moreover, with the outreach, Indian consumers now recognize the nutritional benefits offered by these delightful nuts.

Pooja Makhija, renowned Nutritionist, Functional & Lifestyle Practitioner and Eminent Writer says ‘Foods that are rich in antioxidants help protect healthy cells from free radical damage, and proteins are like the building blocks that help with muscle regeneration and repair.

It is amazing that pistachios have both these powers. Since they are shelf stable and easily portable, a handful of American pistachios should be consumed daily by all.’ In addition, they also have beneficial fats, fibre and other important nutrients that our body needs every day, Makhija added.

Sumit Saran, In-Country Marketing Representative of American Pistachios Growers remarked. ‘We have seen tremendous demand for American pistachios, as consumers in India are getting more aware.

India has no commercial production of pistachios. In the past, pistachios used to be imported mainly from Iran. American pistachios are different from other origins. They are loved across the world for their excellent taste, high quality, consistency of size and food safety.

They are great as a snack or as an ingredient. American pistachios are now easily available across India on all major e-commerce platforms or with major dry fruit retailers. All consumers have to do is search for California pistachios and choose from the many brands that sell them here.’

American Pistachio Growers is a non-profit trade association representing more than 865 members who are pistachio growers, processors and industry partners in California, Arizona and New Mexico. American-grown pistachios are sold under many quality brand names internationally, so look for country of origin on packaging. For more information, visit

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