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PDA With Us...BJP Has Already Accepted Defeat: Akhilesh Yadav

02:17 PM Feb 04, 2024 IST | NEWS Desk
pda with us   bjp has already accepted defeat  akhilesh yadav
PDA With Us...BJP Has Already Accepted Defeat: Akhilesh Yadav

Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) [India]: Taking a dig at the BJP over its delay in naming its Lok Sabha candidates in the state, Samajwadi Party chief and former chief minister, Akhilesh Yadav, on Sunday claimed nobody wants to fight a losing battle by accepting a ruling party ticket.

He claimed further that there was an air of despondency among the BJP cadre in the state, adding that it has accepted defeat in the state even before the polls come calling.

Taking to his official handle on X, the Samajwadi Party supremo cited a recent survey as claiming that 90 per cent of the state’s backward classes, Dalits and minorities will come together and vote for the PDA (Pichhde, Dalit and Alpasankhyak).

Claiming further that the BJP was staring at significant losses in the state in the upcoming general elections, Akhilesh said, ‘A recent survey has shown that 49 per cent of the state’s backward classes, 16 per cent Dalits, 21 per cent minorities

(Muslims+Sikhs+Buddhists+Christians+Jains and +Tribals) 4 per cent backwards among the general section of the population are with the PDA. They will vote unitedly for the PDA this time.’

He claimed further that all previous poll gambits of the BJP have failed this time, which is why the ruling party was struggling to come out with its list of Lok Sabha candidates for the state.

‘The youths, who were hopeful of the BJP delivering on their promises of employment, feel cheated and disillusioned under their rule. Many in the BJP will also vote to defeat the party’s candidates this time.

Even intellectuals and those who looked up to the party for their so-called probity and political honesty are turning away from them because of the way they returned to power through the back door in Maharashtra and Bihar.

The recent political instability in Jharkhand and allegations of foul play in the Chandigarh mayoral polls are further illustrations of the BJP’s bid to wrest power by hook or by crook. All are distressed and disappointed with the BJP,’ he added.

He claimed an ‘anti-BJP wave’ among farmers was sweeping the state and elsewhere in the country due to false or failed promises to double their income and give them a fair price for their produce, as also non-deliverance on guarantees to get rid of animals damaging crops, and curbing rising agricultural costs.

‘This government is driving hard-working professionals to penury by bringing anti-labour laws to favour their billionaire friends. The farmers and labourers have turned against the BJP,’ Akhilesh claimed.

‘Amid the air of despondency all around and people ready to teach them a lesson, the BJP has already accepted defeat in Uttar Pradesh,’ he added. 

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