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Park Chan-Wook To Produce Korean Historical Drama 'War And Revolt'

04:32 PM Jun 07, 2023 IST | NEWS Desk
park chan wook to produce korean historical drama  war and revolt
Park Chan-Wook To Produce Korean Historical Drama 'War And Revolt'

Seoul [South Korea]: The Korean director Park Chan-wook, who made ‘Oldboy’ and ‘Decision to Leave’ last year, has joined as producer and co-writer of the historical drama ‘War and Revolt.’ This is Park’s first project with Netflix.

Gang Dong-won and Park Jeong-min’s characters in ‘War and Revolt’ are two pals from childhood who later turn against one another. Shin Chul and Park Chan-wook wrote the script, which is directed by Kim Sang-man (‘Midnight F.M.’).


According to Variety, production is by Moho Film, the powerhouse indie behind Park’s ‘Decision to Leave,’ ‘The Handmaiden’ and the 2013 Bong Joon Ho-directed ‘Snowpiercer’ film, in collaboration with Semicolon Studio.

Gang (Jeon Woochi, ‘Secret Reunion,’ ‘The Priests’) commands attention as the mysterious Cheon-young, a figure whose extraordinary martial talent defies his humble beginnings as a slave. Cheon-young, who is attempting to liberate himself from enslavement, blends charm with action.

Park Jeong-min (‘Decision to Leave,’ ‘Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet’) assumes the role of Jong-ryeo, Cheon-young’s former master and scion of the Joseon dynasty’s most influential military family.


After passing the military service exam, Jong-ryeo becomes King Seonjo’s personal guard, leading to a heart-wrenching reunion with his former friend. The role requires delving into the complex psyche of a man torn between friendship and duty, reported Variety.

Other key roles go to Cha Seung-won, Kim Shin-rock, Jin Sun-kyu and Jung Sung-ill.
King Seonjo, as portrayed by Cha, is a monarch who abandoned his subjects at the outset of the Japanese invasion but later tries to regain power and respect.

Kim plays a strong civilian militia member who defies expectations and overcomes challenges. Jin portrays a civilian militia leader who is a member of the conventional governing class and who emerges as a motivating force amidst the invasion’s disarray.

The formidable Japanese warlord played by Jung (star of the series ‘The Glory’) is aware of Cheon-young’s exceptional swordsmanship.

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