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Pakistan: Three Baloch Youth Abducted, Killed By Explosion, Claims Baloch National Movement

09:13 AM Nov 21, 2023 IST | 8PM News Desk
pakistan  three baloch youth abducted  killed by explosion  claims baloch national movement
Pakistan: Three Baloch youth abducted, killed by explosion, claims Baloch National Movement

Balochistan [Pakistan]: The Baloch National Movement has accused the Pakistani forces of abducting and killing three Baloch youth by placing them in a vehicle and detonating it.

BNM has alleged that Pakistan repeatedly carried out these atrocities by killing, abducting and torture to instil fear and exert control over the Baloch system which is demanding independence from Pakistan.

‘Pakistan Army is the primary perpetrator of human rights violations and enforced disappearances in Balochistan,’ BNM posted on X (formerly Twitter).

Hakeem Baloch, the Focal Person of Baloch National Movement’s Foreign Committee in video message from the UK, said that there is a sentiment in Balochistan calling for the independence of the Baloch state.

‘I am recording this message to let the world know that Pakistani forces have killed three Baloch youth. They were abducted in August. The complaint was registered and it was requested by human rights group to find the abducted the youth.

He said that the three deceased Baloch will be claimed as militants, who were allegedly carrying out armed violence against Pakistani state.

‘There is a reality that Baloch are resisting. There is an armed struggle going on. There are organisations that are operating, and their demand is clear, a free and sovereign Balochistan,’ he added.

Hakeem Baloch said that the Baloch National Movement is a political organisation, that is advocating for the independence of Balochistan, a free and independent Baloch state.

‘But, this does not mean that every Baloch who believes in the independence of Balochistan and Pakisrtani forces should leave Balochistan. Juts on the basis of those ideas, people must not be abducted,’ Hakeem Baloch further said.

He added, ‘If the killings, abductions and torture continue, this means the Pakistani establishment, the security forces, the so-called Balochistan government are involved in the direct genocide in Balochistan’.

In a press conference, the BNM further emphasised about the atrocities being committed by Pakistani security forces to stoke fear among the residents.

Qazi Dad Mohammad Rehan, the Information Secretary of BNM said, ‘Enforced disappearances in Balochistan are a grave issue, perpetuated by the Pakistan Army as a means to instil fear and exert control over the judicial system. The Pakistan Army’s notorious practice of conducting a Kill-and-dump policy has resulted in the deaths of thousands of individuals who have been forcibly disappeared

‘This is the bleak reality of Balochistan, where innocent individuals are being arrested from their homes, during travel, in educational institutions, hospitals, and busy markets, Many of them are being buried in anonymous graves, deprived of their names and identification,’ he added.

Rehan further described about a ‘deeply disturbing’ incident ‘shaming humanity’ where three young children from the same family were callously killed
‘These innocent souls were placed in a vehicle, still partially alive, and subjected to an explosion that utterly devastated their fragile bodies. It is crucial to note that these children were under the custody of the Pakistan Army,’ he said.

He also informed of another incident when in August 2023, seven children belonging to the same family were ‘forcibly disappeared’ by Pakistani forces.

‘It is important to emphasize that the Pakistan Army is the primary perpetrator of human rights violations and enforced disappearances in Balochistan. The Frontier Corps (FC) is not an independent force, but rather an extension of the Pakistan Army,’ Rehan said.

He added, ‘The so-called Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) of the police plays a pivotal role in facilitating these grave crimes committed by the Pakistani army’.

The BNM further urged the international organisations to take immediate action and journalists to bring greater attention towards the human rights violation in the region.

‘BNM urges international organizations to take immediate action to prevent enforced disappearances in Balochistan. We appeal to journalists to bring greater attention to the human rights violations occurring in this region. When it comes to Balochistan, it is crucial not to solely rely on the narrative presented by the Pakistani army and authorities,’ the BNM Information Secretary said.

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