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Odisha Man Turns Electric Auto Into Solar-Powered Vehicle 

08:29 AM Jul 19, 2023 IST | NEWS Desk
odisha man turns electric auto into solar powered vehicle 
Odisha Man Turns Electric Auto Into Solar-Powered Vehicle 

Bhubaneswar (Odisha) [India]: An auto driver in Bhubaneswar converted his electric auto into a solar-powered vehicle which he drives on the streets and earns his livelihood in the state capital.

The auto driver Shrikant Patra made this innovation with the help of Youtube. Speaking to media, Shrikant Patra (35) said, ‘I have been driving an auto rickshaw for the last 15 years. Earlier, I used to pay huge expenses and merely earn Rs 300-400 after fuel a day with the diesel engine. We were living in poverty and hardly manage to run the house. Even, I couldn’t afford tuition fees for my kids.’

‘Around one and half years back, I purchased an electric auto rickshaw and drove in the city but the low battery and charging issue became a bigger concern every day which hit my services badly, and couldn’t drive auto on the road properly during the day hours,’ he said.

‘My class VI daughter after watching Youtube advised me to convert electric auto-rickshaw into a solar-power vehicle after facing daily low battery issues while driving in the city. I appreciate her ideas which turns electric auto-rickshaw into solar-powered vehicle. Now, I am free from refilling fuel, battery low or charging issues. Even, this auto rickshaw is pollution free and keeps our environment green and clean,’ Patra said.

‘The new solar-powered auto rickshaw runs 140 km once it’s getting fully charged. This solar auto-rickshaw provides a very smooth ride to the passengers. I earn Rs 1300-1500 per day and run a happy family in the state capital,’ Patra added.

Due to financial issues, Patra left his studies after class VIII. He hails from Nayagarh district, staying in Bhubaneswar for a few years.

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