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Odisha: Brain-Dead Doner Saves Life Of Two Patients

09:06 AM Mar 30, 2023 IST | appteam
odisha  brain dead doner saves life of two patients

Cuttack (Odisha): The Urology and Nephrology department of SCB Medical College and Hospital (MCH), Cuttack, has successfully transplanted two kidneys retrieved from a brain-dead donor in two recipients with high priority score in Odisha.

According to an official release, the deceased donor, Tanuja Kar (57) of Tarol of Jagatpur in Cuttack, was under treatment in CTVS Department of SCBMCH and was declared brain dead by the Brain Death Declaration team of the hospital after she could not be revived despite all measures. ‘As per the recipient list of the state prepared by SOTTO, two recipients having high priority score were selected for a kidney transplant. The matter was shared with ROTTO and NOTTO. The Apollo Hospital Bhubaneswar cooperated in performing all laboratory investigations required. After cross match of donor and recipient the kidneys were retrieved and transplanted to two eligible recipients, who are stable,’ it added.
The recipients were identified as Alok Bodak (36) of Brajaraj Nagar in Jharsuguda and Saurjya Ranjan Sahoo (48) of CDA in Cuttack.

Notably, the first cadaveric kidney transplant in Odisha was carried out by a team of doctors at SCBMCH and Apollo Hospitals in Bhubaneswar in 2020. After a surgery of six hours, the team of doctors in Apollo Hospitals successfully conducted one of the transplants. The other kidney harvested was transported to SCBMCH for transplant.

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