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New Delhi: Farmers Gather At Ramleela Maidan; To Hold 'Kisan Mazdoor Mahapanchayat' Today

10:37 AM Mar 14, 2024 IST | 8PM News Desk
new delhi  farmers gather at ramleela maidan  to hold  kisan mazdoor mahapanchayat  today
New Delhi: Farmers gather at Ramleela Maidan; to hold 'Kisan Mazdoor Mahapanchayat' today

New Delhi [India] : Farmers in large numbers were gathered at Delhi's Ramlila Maidan to hold 'Kisan Mazdoor Mahapanchayat' today. Samyukt Kisan Morcha leader also called the Bharatiya Janata Party an "anti-farmer".

Samyukt Kisan Morcha has called for a one-day Delhi Chalo, in which all the organizations related to the front are gathering at Ramlila Ground in Delhi. Thousands of farmers have arrived.

Farmers taking part in the Mahapanchayat said that the stage proceedings will start from noonon Thursday.

Darshan Pal, SKM leader said that ever since they first came to Delhi (in 2020 Kisan Andolan), they have expanded their network. "We have made laws for how we have to work," he said.

"Today's Kisan Mazdoor Mahapanchayat is being organized because we want to tell the people of the country that the BJP government has betrayed us. Today we are trying to show the anti-farmer face of BJP in the entire country. Till now people are facing problems in reaching here. We were also given permission two days ago and many conditions were imposed. we condemn this. We want to tell you that 'Delhi ab Door nahi hai," he added.

On security arrangements, DCP Central M Harsha Vardhan told that the police have made elaborate arrangements to ensure that law and order are maintained.

"The organising group has also given a written undertaking in which there are various points relating to maintaining law and order. A lot of farmers have come and it is an ongoing process. But we are hopeful that it will be under the limit of what the SKM leaders have told us. Sufficient forces are available with us. We are trying that without any law and order disturbance and with minimal traffic disturbance everything happens," he said.

Notably, the Samyukta Kisan Morcha (SKM) has appealed to farmers and workers to make the 'Kisan Mazdoor Mahapanchayat' on March 14 massive and peaceful. As per the report, preparations are in full swing to ensure massive participation and make the event politically significant and successful, the SKM said in a press release.

The Mahapanchayat will adopt Sankalp Patra or Letter of Resolution to intensify the fight against the pro-corporate, communal, dictatorial policies of the Modi Government, to fight to save farming, food security, livelihood and the people from corporate loot.

"In the context of the forthcoming general election to the Lok Sabha, the Maha Panchayat will declare the future plan of action of how to intensify the ongoing struggle to achieve the genuine demands of the farmers as well as the workers," the press release stated.

SKM appealed to all the Mass and class organisations and unions of workers, students, youth and women to join the Mahapanchayat.

The Delhi Police had issued the NOC for conducting the Mahapanchayat at Ramlila Maidan on March 14 and arranging parking space and other basic amenities like water, toilets, and ambulance with the support of the Municipal Administration of Delhi.

SKM expressed its pleasure and welcomed the Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) Chaduni group of farmers to join the Kisan Mazdoor Mahapanchayat. The efforts of the six-member committee to coordinate with the Kisan organisations for greater issue-based unity and rally maximum farmers against the anti-farmer, anti-worker policies are continuing.

"SKM strongly protests against the surrender of the Modi Government before the Developed European Countries and signed the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) Free Trade Agreement," the press release said.

The SKM alleged that this agreement would destroy the home market and the people's livelihood massively.

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