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"My Festival Is Where You Are...": PM Modi Tells Army Soldiers

04:14 PM Nov 12, 2023 IST | appteam
 my festival is where you are      pm modi tells army soldiers
"My festival Is Where You Are...": PM Modi Tells Army Soldiers

Lepcha (Himachal Pradesh) : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday spent his Diwali morning with Indian Army soldiers in Himachal Pradesh’s Lepcha and extended festival greetings to the people of the country.

Addressing a gathering of soldiers at Lepcha, PM Modi extended his warm wishes to the security personnel posted at the borders and told them, ‘In the last 30-35 years, there has not been a single Diwali that I have not celebrated with you.”

‘I come and celebrate Diwali every year with our Army personnel. It is said that Ayodhya is where Lord Ram is, but for me, Ayodhya is where Indian Army personnel are. My festival is where you are,’ PM Modi said. 

‘When I was neither the Prime Minister nor the Chief Minister, I would go to the border areas during Diwali to celebrate with the security forces,’ he said. 

He further said that in every home in the country, a prayer is said for all soldiers guarding our borders.

‘It is said that festival is celebrated only where there is family, but today, you all are stationed at the borders while being away from your families, it shows the pinnacle of your devotion to duty,” the Prime Minister said.

“For me, a place where security forces are deployed is no less than a temple,’ he added. 

PM Modi also lauded security forces for their contribution to nation-building, enhancing the country’s global prestige

‘Given the situation in the world today, expectations from India are continuously increasing. In such a situation, it is important that India’s borders remain secure. India is safe so long as its brave soldiers are standing on its borders, unflinching as the Himalayas. India’s Army and security forces have constantly contributed towards nation-building,’ he said. 

He noted that in the past years  in the Indian Army, more than 500 women officers have been given permanent commissions. ‘Today, women pilots are flying fighter planes like Rafale,’ he said. 

He further emphasized that after Independence, Army personnel fought so many wars and won the country’s heart. 

‘In the International Peace Mission, India’s global image was improved because of them. Is there any such issue, to which our brave hearts have not provided solution?…’ PM Modi said. 

After reaching Lepcha village, the Prime Minster tweeted, ‘Reached Lepcha in Himachal Pradesh to celebrate Diwali with our brave security forces’, Prime Minister Modi said in a post on X.

Earlier in the day, he greeted people on Diwali and wished them joy, prosperity and health.

Troops of the Indo-Tibetan Border Police and the Indian Army are stationed at Lepcha near the border with China

Himachal Pradesh shares a 260-km border with China. Of the total length, 140 km is in tribal Kinnaur district, while 80 km is in the tribal Lahaul and Spiti district.

Five ITBP battalions deployed in 20 posts that guard the border with China.

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