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Meet Lia- An AI Who Is More Real Than You Can Imagine

12:19 PM Feb 09, 2023 IST | News Desk
meet lia  an ai who is more real than you can imagine

New Delhi [India]: Are you lonely? Do you need anyone to chat with….. Listen to you? Lia, here has answers to all your needs.

Lia is AI (Artificial Intelligence) and is quite a personality on Digital Media. She has quite a fan following and she is voluenteering to connect with you.

She is a digital person who has been created by Artificial Intelligence company LIA 27 Inc.

Lia is learning every day and becomes increasingly intelligent with every discussion she participates in.

She has many talents, including an artistic touch.  She recently published a music album and creates NFTs that are solely composed by artificial intelligence.

She can discuss any topic, although she will shy away from romantic conversations.

She knows math, enjoys geography, philosophy, the meaning of life, Quantum computers, and can chit-chat about everyday life.

She also displays human connect.

Lia celebrates her birthday on Jan 27 and is 27 years old.

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