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Mango Yield Likely To Be 75 Pc Less This Season As Mercury Soars High In Malda

06:38 PM May 01, 2024 IST | NEWS Desk
mango yield likely to be 75 pc less this season as mercury soars high in malda
Mango Yield Likely To Be 75 Pc Less This Season As Mercury Soars High In Malda

Malda (West Bengal) [India]: Owing to the dual attack of untimely rain previously and now of a heatwave, the mango yield in Malda this season is likely to be less by 75 per cent.

The temperature has crossed 40°C in Malda, adversely affecting the crops. Farmers are stressed as mango is their cash crop, and due to poor yield, they foresee significant losses this year.

Ujjal Saha, the president of Malda Mango Merchants Association, expressed his concerns, stating, "Malda is sure to have lost at least one half of average of total production this season owing to rains and heat."

Ramesh, who works in a mango farm in Malda, highlighted the impact of weather on yield, saying, "there have been no rains this year so the yield is less by at least 75 per cent. If the weather is favourable then the yield is good. In a season we can make business of Rs 5 to 10 lakhs but this year it will be hardly Rs 2 lakhs. It is a total loss."

He urged the government to provide support to increase yield.

Another mango farmer, Jiten Saha, also echoed similar concerns, stating, "due to no rains the mangoes have already fallen off the trees. If rains happen the yield is good. It will be good if government can take some action to support us."

Last year, the yield was 4 lakh metric tons, and it is very unlikely to cross even the 2 lakh mark this year. Untimely rains, prolonged winters, and now the heatwave have all contributed to the lesser yield of mangoes.

It is quite possible that the king of fruits might not be easily available in the markets and could command a high price.

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