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Kerala: NCB destroys 337 kg heroin, 3.5 kg Hashish Oil in Kochi

10:05 AM Mar 25, 2023 IST | appteam
kerala  ncb destroys 337 kg heroin  3 5 kg hashish oil in kochi

Kochi (Kerala): Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) Kochi destroyed 337 kgs of Heroin and 3.5 kgs of Hashish Oil, which were seized during various operations, on Friday.

The drugs were disposed of as per the Government of India notification by incineration at the premises of Kerala Enviro Infrastructure Ltd’s Common Biomedical Waste Treatment Plant in the presence of high-level drug disposal committee members, informed Monika Ashish Batra IRS, Deputy Director General (ER). ‘We are all assembled here for a drug disposal day. On this day, we disposed of the seized contraband which has been seized either by the State or by any of the Central Agencies or Narcotics Control Bureau. We will be taking of this destruction or we have already started in the virtual presence of the Union Home Minister Amit Shah who is attending the regional conference in Bengaluru,’ added Batra.


Office of Amit Shah tweeted, ‘The Ministry of Home Affairs is adopting the approach of ‘Bottom to Top’ and ‘Top to Bottom’ in the matters of drugs, all the institutions of the country should move forward by adopting this approach in the matters of drugs’.

Today in Kochi we are destroying 337 kgs of Heroin and 3.5 kgs of Hashish oil. This seizure of Heroin has done in March 2021. It was a maritime seizure. Hashish oil was seized in September 2022. It came through a courier, Batra added further.

‘Many of the southern states and Union Territories are participating in disposing off the drugs. A total of 9200 kilograms of contraband have been destroyed in which the state of Karnataka, in the state of Tamil Nadu, is also participating. It’s a very rough value of drugs been destroyed that is 9200 kg is around 12,035 crores,’ she informed.


The whole destruction procedure is done as per the notification of the Government of India where high-level drug disposal committee members are here, she said.

On June 26 last year, which is International drug day. The whole journey of destruction started and till now, a total of 1.30 lakh kgs has been destroyed, informed Monika Ashish Batra IRS, Deputy Director General (ER). 

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