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Kerala Fisherman Wins Rs 70 L Lottery Hours After Bank Attachment Notice

08:34 AM Oct 15, 2022 IST | appteam
kerala fisherman wins rs 70 l lottery hours after bank attachment notice

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala): In what could be an interesting instance of fate on one’s side, a Kerala fisherman won a lottery on the same day when he got an attachment notice of his house from the bank for default on loan repayment.

Pookunju, a fisherman in the Kollam district of Kerala, won the Akshaya lottery of the state government amounting to Rs 70 lakh. As he started his day on October 12, he bought a lottery ticket, at around 1 pm, which would have won him Rs 70 lakh. After he returned home that day, little did he know, his attempt to try his luck would make him a millionaire in a few days. He was told that the Union Bank Karunagapally had sent him an attachment notice for his inability to pay a loan amount of Rs 9 lakh that he had taken to build his house.

The fisherman, who has a family including two children, was in despair because of which he was indecisive about selling the house.

However, his fate, showing mercy on the fisherman, smiled at him. Within hours of receipt of the bank notice, his brother called him up in the evening to divulge that the winner of the lottery ticket was announced and was won by a man with Akshaya Lottery No: AZ 907042, which was held by Pookunju himself.

He went to the same bank the next day to collect the winning amount of Rs 70 lakh, which had sent him the attachment notice.

Now, Pookunju plans to close the loan which is around a million.
He wants to open a small-scale business for a living.

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