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Israeli Soldiers Discover 35 Gaza Tunnel Shafts, Seize Weapons

08:33 AM Nov 20, 2023 IST | NEWS Desk
israeli soldiers discover 35 gaza tunnel shafts  seize weapons
Israeli Soldiers Discover 35 Gaza Tunnel Shafts, Seize Weapons

Tel Aviv [Israel]: Israeli soldiers discovered 35 tunnel shafts and seized weapons in northern Gaza, the Israel Defence Forces announced on Sunday.

The shafts and tunnels were discovered during raids on the homes of Hamas officials in Gaza’s upscale Rimal and Sheikh Ejalin neighbourhoods. A number of Hamas terrorists were killed in the fighting.

Israeli forces also raided a Hamas military camp, where ammunition depots and seven rocket launchers were uncovered.

The army reported on Sunday morning that over the past 24 hours, soldiers engaged Hamas terrorists on the outskirts of Jabaliya.

A terror cell preparing to fire on troops from the roof of a residential building was eliminated in an air strike, according to the IDF. Weapons and military equipment were also found in residential buildings in the neighbourhood.

Israeli Navy commandos assisted ground forces from their position off the Gaza coast, attacking Hamas targets ‘using thousands of munitions from the sea’ and assisting ground forces ‘with fire and observation by opening axes, escorting with fire, thwarting land threats against our forces and providing cover for land missions from the sea,’ according to the IDF.

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