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Israel Seizes Islamic Jihad Outpost, Uncovers Weapons Inside School

04:10 PM Nov 17, 2023 IST | 8PM News Desk
israel seizes islamic jihad outpost  uncovers weapons inside school
Israel seizes Islamic Jihad outpost, uncovers weapons inside school

Tel Aviv [Israel]: Israeli soldiers seized heavy-weight rockets and aerial drones from a Palestinian Islamic Jihad outpost in northern Gaza during an overnight operation, the Israel Defense Forces said on Friday morning.

The stronghold contained the offices of senior PIJ terrorists and a facility for manufacturing weapons.

The IDF also said that soldiers killed several Hamas terrorists inside a school, where they also found large amounts of weapons.

In other raids across northern Gaza, military forces located technological equipment, weapons caches, and additional weapons, including Kalashnikov rifles, explosive devices, grenade launchers, vests, RPGs, and anti-tank missile launchers. 

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