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Israel Sees Sharp Decline In Job Listings Since Start Of War

03:40 PM Nov 17, 2023 IST | 8PM News Desk
israel sees sharp decline in job listings since start of war
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Tel Aviv [Israel]: Since the beginning of the war in Gaza there has been a decrease in the volume of new job postings and the average monthly recruitment volume.

Israel’s Ministry of Labour monitors demand for workers in the labour market in Israel and said that it has found a decrease in demand for new workers.

The ministry reported a decrease of about 40 per cent in the volume job ads in the four weeks after the outbreak of the war compared to the average monthly volume of posting job ads in the months of January-September 2023. At the regional level, a sharp was seen in the southern region (52 per cent ) and in the center of the country (48 per cent) in Jerusalem (48 per cent) in the north (46 per cent) and in the Tel Aviv area (31 per cent).

In addition, the average monthly recruitment volume decreased from 46,000 to 27,000 ads per month.

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