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Indore Man Has Collection Of Around 650 Antique Clocks

08:26 AM Jun 12, 2022 IST | News Desk
indore man has collection of around 650 antique clocks

Indore (Madhya Pradesh): In what looked like a dream in the woods, an Indore-based man has a collection of around 650 clocks with some being over 200 years old.

Anil Bhalla owns a collection of antique clocks and has a dedicated room for their display and storage.

‘Some clocks were brought by my grandfather from abroad and later my father also started collecting them. I collected them as well. Some are over 200 years old. All clocks are in working condition,’ he said.

These clocks range in different sizes and models including the ones with a pendulum running on balance, some run with a steel ball.

Many of these timepieces are also hand-made and some have been imported too.
The maintenance of these wall pieces is also highly demanding and sometimes the mechanics and artisans are called from Mumbai and Chennai so as to preserve these timeless pieces.

He also suggested that the collection can be turned into a museum by the next generation.
‘I will tell my generation after me that if they can’t handle it, then keep it in a safe locked or make it their museum,’ he added.

Many people visit Bhalla to buy this collection but he remains attached to his antique yet unique collection of watches. In the year 2013, his name was also recorded in the Limca Book of Records for this amazing collection.

He also highlighted that he also has collected fans, bikes and lamps.

‘Apart from watches, I have old fans which earlier used to have a wooden lamp and three blades, moreover I also have a bicycle dating back to the second world war, and also an old BMW bike which is in working condition,’ he concluded.

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