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India's Boycott Call Impacted A Lot, People Of Maldives Are Sorry: Ex-Maldivian President Mohd Nasheed

08:20 PM Mar 08, 2024 IST | NEWS Desk
india s boycott call impacted a lot  people of maldives are sorry  ex maldivian president mohd nasheed
India's Boycott Call Impacted A Lot, People Of Maldives Are Sorry: Ex-Maldivian President Mohd Nasheed

New Delhi [India]: Former Maldivian President Mohamed Nasheed has voiced significant concerns regarding the ramifications of India's boycott call on the Maldives, particularly in the context of tourism.

Nasheed, currently in India, conveyed apologies on behalf of the Maldivian people and emphasised their wish for Indian tourists to continue visiting the country.

Nasheed highlighted the impact of the boycott on the Maldives, stating, "It has impacted the Maldives a lot, and I am actually here in India. I'm very worried about this. I want to say the people of the Maldives are sorry, we are sorry that this has happened. We want Indian people to come on their holidays to the Maldives, and there will not be any change in our hospitality."

He further praised the quick action taken by the current President in removing those responsible for the boycott.

"I think these matters must be ironed out, and we must revert back to change course and go back to our usual relationship," he told media .

Reflecting on historical ties, Nasheed underscored India's responsible approach during past challenges, stating, "When the president of the Maldives wanted Indian military personnel to leave, you know what India did? They did not twist their arms. They did not display muscle, but just simply told the government of Maldives, 'Okay, let's have a discussion on that.'"

Addressing recent discussions on the Dornier flight and helicopters, Nasheed urged President Mohamed Muizzu to cease such talks, saying, "It's very unfortunate that President Muizzu had these discussions. I would call him to please stop these discussions on the Dornier flight and the helicopters. They were brought to the Maldives for medical evacuation, and there is a need for medical evacuation. Our islands are far-flung, and we don't have developed hospitals on every island. So, there is very often a need to bring a patient to Male, and to do that quickly would be by air, so we need that."

Nasheed also underlined the enduring friendship between India and the Maldives, rooted in mutual assistance and cooperation during times of need.

Meanwhile, on a recently signed defence agreement between Maldives and China, Nasheed said, "I don't think it's a defence agreement. I think that Muizzu wanted to buy some equipment, mainly rubber bullets and tear gas. It is very unfortunate that the government thought that there is a need for more tear gas and more rubber bullets. Governance is not through the barrel of the gun."

However, sharing his views on elections in Maldives, Nasheed believes, the current government will not get the majority.

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