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IDF Hits 250 Gaza Terror Targets

03:17 PM Nov 21, 2023 IST | 8PM News Desk
idf hits 250 gaza terror targets
IDF hits 250 Gaza terror targets

Tel Aviv [Israel]: As part of the IDF’s continuing activities in the Gaza Strip, its aircraft attacked about 250 targets of the terrorist organization Hamas over the past 24 hours.

Among the targets hit were dozens of terrorists, missile launchers and various terrorist infrastructures.

During the night, the fire canopy of the Gaza Division directed a combat helicopter that destroyed a rocket launching station, which launched rockets into the Gush Dan (greater Tel Aviv area) on Sunday. The position was placed near a residential area of a civilian population.

In addition, combat team fighters of the Harel Brigade located a cache of weapons in the home of a Nahkaba terrorist in the Gaza Strip, and a combat team of the 14th Brigade located an anti-tank missile hidden under a baby bed.

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