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"I Have Never Thought Of It," Says Congress' Kamal Nath On Filing Nomination For Rajya Sabha

04:19 PM Feb 13, 2024 IST | NEWS Desk
 i have never thought of it   says congress  kamal nath on filing nomination for rajya sabha
"I Have Never Thought Of It," Says Congress' Kamal Nath On Filing Nomination For Rajya Sabha

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) [India]: Amid speculation for filing nomination for the Rajya Sabha member from Madhya Pradesh, former Chief Minister of the state Kamal Nath has clarified that he has never thought about it.

On Tuesday, when Nath questioned whether he too will file a nomination for the Rajya Sabha elections, he said, "I have never thought of it."

Last month, the election commission declared the schedule for the Rajya Sabha elections for 56 seats in 15 states, including five from Madhya Pradesh, to be held on February 27.

The nomination for the same to be filed till February 15. Voting will take place from 9 am to 4 pm and the results of the elections will be announced on the same day, February 27.
Of the five seats in the state, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is likely to comfortably win four seats and the Congress has only one member to send in the upper house.

The former Madhya Pradesh CM also backed the farmer protests over securing Minimum support price for their crops.

"...70% of the economy of Madhya Pradesh is agriculture-based. Farmers generate financial activities...If farmers don't get MSP - this is an injustice that has been done to them continuously. Their minimum demand is that of MSP. It is very essential..." Kamal Nath said.

Earlier on Monday, Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) chief Jitu Patwari also put a full stop on the speculation of him being pushed to the upper house. Patwari told the reporters he did not ask anything from the party and neither he would ask anything.

Addressing the reporters, Patwari further pushed the name of Congress leader Sonia Gandhi and requested her to go to the Rajya Sabha from the State.

Only two days are left for the nominations for Rajya Sabha elections but both the parties have yet to announce the candidates from the state.

The upcoming elections for the Rajya Sabha are set to be a significant contest for political parties as each strives to establish a strong presence in the Parliament's upper chamber.

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