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"I Get Goosebumps": Andre Russell On KKR's "Finisher" Rinku Singh

11:29 AM May 09, 2023 IST | appteam
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"I Get Goosebumps": Andre Russell On KKR's "Finisher" Rinku Singh

Kolkata (West Bengal): Player of the Match in the Indian Premier League (IPL) match against Punjab Kings on Monday Andre Russell heaped praise on Rinku Singh who has emerged as a finisher for Kolkata Knight Riders in this season of the contest.

The West Indian batter said that he gets ‘goosebumps’ watching Rinku Singh bat for KKR. After winning ‘Player of the Match’ for his match-winning knock of 42 off 23 balls at Eden Gardens, Russell said that he gets goosebumps seeing Rinku Singh bat the way he is doing for KKR.

Rinku Singh secured KKR’s win in the last ball by hitting a boundary as the batter scored 21 off just 10 balls in the match.

‘I wanted to finish the game off, but we have a finisher this year in Rinku. (On Rinku) He had told me what if the ball beats you, should we go for the run? I said for sure, I have faith in him to finish it last ball. I get goosebumps seeing him doing what he’s been doing. I have company at the back end, he soaks the pressure off and he’s been here for years now, a really hard-working guy. He’s very funny outside the field, I try to stay as close to him while we are training. Feeling good, now,’ Russell said.

‘We already thought about it, the ball was gripping so we just wanted to stick it out. They miss their lengths and we could swing it around. Needing 30 off the final two, it was very gettable. I flicked one into the stands without really swinging at it. And that six over point put the icing on the cake.’ Russell further added.

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