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"I Always Had Guidance From Air Force Team On Set": Manushi Chhillar On Preparation For Her Role In 'Operation Valentine'

05:25 PM Feb 24, 2024 IST | 8PM News Desk
 i always had guidance from air force team on set   manushi chhillar on preparation for her role in  operation valentine
"I always had guidance from Air Force team on set": Manushi Chhillar on preparation for her role in 'Operation Valentine'

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India] : Actor Manushi Chhillar, who is gearing up for pan-India film 'Operation Valentine, gave an interesting insight into the process of playing a radar officer in the film.

Inspired by true events, 'Operation Valentine' is directed by Shakti Pratap Singh Hada. The film marks his directorial debut.

The story of the film revolves around the indomitable spirit of Air Force heroes on the frontlines and the challenges they face protecting the nation.

Talking about her preparation, Manushi said, "My prep for Operation Valentine included a lot of basics just to simply understand the structure of the Air Force, understand what a radar officer is supposed to do, basic things like body language, the tonality of your voice and how to give a certain command. These are the few things that I had to work on."

Manushi shared how she ensured to bring the authenticity and accuracy in the character, "Fortunately, we had someone from the Indian Air Force team on set. So, I always had that guidance on set whenever we needed any extra information or wherever I was going away from how a normal radar officer would do a certain thing. So, it was learning a lot of basics. It was not just learning how to portray a radar officer, but also learning the things that happen in the Air Force, or what basic terms like an evacuation and the kind of planes that are flying. So, just understanding all of that was a completely new world. I am a DRDO kid, so obviously, I know things from the surface, but this was me going deep into it."

Recently, superstar Salman Khan unveiled the official Hindi trailer of the film.

Taking to Instagram, Salman shared a post on his stories that he captioned, "JO HOGA DEKHA JAYEGA! Glad to launch this terrific #OPVFinalStrike. My best wishes to @varunkonidela07, and team #OperationValentine for March 1st."

The Telugu trailer was launched digitally by actor Ram Charan.

The electrifying trailer presents Varun Tej as a fearless IAF pilot, all set to take on the enemy, while Manushi portrays the role of a skilled air force radar officer. The trailer offers a perfect blend of thrills, emotions, and excitement. With its gripping narrative, the "Final Strike" unfolds into a thrilling rollercoaster flight of suspense, high-octane action-packed sequences, and unexpected twists. Written by Shakti Pratap Singh Hada, Aamir Khan and Siddharth Raj Kumar, the film will be released on March 1, 2024, in Telugu and Hindi.

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