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Himanta Sarma's Dig At Ashok Gehlot: Congress Looted Rajasthan In 'Scientific Way'

04:09 PM Nov 18, 2023 IST | 8PM News Desk
himanta sarma s dig at ashok gehlot  congress looted rajasthan in  scientific way
Himanta Sarma's dig at Ashok Gehlot: Congress looted Rajasthan in 'scientific way'

Pratapgarh (Rajasthan) [India] : Assam chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma took a dig at the Congress party on Saturday, saying that the Congress had resolved to loot Rajasthan, and they did so.

This remark was made by Assam CM while addressing a rally in poll-bound Rajasthan’s Pratapgarh on Saturday (November 18).

‘Congress had resolved that they would loot Rajasthan and it did so. Wherever Congress is, it is looting the people. They do appeasement politics. What happened with Kanhaiya Lal. If the same incident had happened in Assam, Uttar Pradesh or Haryana, immediate action would have been taken. Every day some incident comes from Rajasthan but women are respected in BJP-ruled states,’ Sarma said.

He further alleged that the Congress looted the entire Rajasthan in a scientific way from petrol to electricity.

‘You can see that the whole of Rajasthan was looted in a scientific way. If we compare Rajasthan and Assam in economy and geography, in Assam, there is a BJP government. We give petrol to people at Rs 97 to 98 per litre. In Haryana and UP, it is Rs 94 to 95 but in Rajasthan, it is Rs 108 to 110 and Priyanka Gandhi comes here and says that they’re with the poor. If you compare it with other states, Rajasthan people have to pay the highest amount of electricity bills. It is costlier than north-eastern states like Meghalaya and Manipur,’ Himanta Biswa Sarma added.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday launched an all-out attack on the Congress party, accusing it of ‘terrorism’ and ‘atrocities’ against women.

Attacking the Geholt government over the alleged atrocities over the women in the state, PM Modi said, ‘Where there is Congress government, terrorism, atrocities, all these things, are unbridled there… For Congress appeasement is everything and for it, they can go to any level…’

Rajasthan will go to polls on November 25 while counting of votes will take place on December 3, 2023. 

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