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"Higher You Go, More Prevalent It Is": Ranvir Shorey On PR And Marketing In Bollywood

08:40 PM Mar 17, 2024 IST | NEWS Desk
 higher you go  more prevalent it is   ranvir shorey on pr and marketing in bollywood
"Higher You Go, More Prevalent It Is": Ranvir Shorey On PR And Marketing In Bollywood

New Delhi [India]: PR and marketing tactics are known to shape narratives and influence industry players in Bollywood. Ranvir Shorey, an actor and former video jockey, candidly spoke about topics such as the prevalence of PR and marketing in the film industry.

In an exclusive conversation with ANI, Ranvir said, "The higher you go, the more prevalent it is. There are entire careers made on marketing and PR. So it involves thousands of bot army and everything."

In 2020, ace actor Deepika Padukone visited JNU to express solidarity with students. Shorey opened up if it was PR move and marketing strategy.

Ranvir replied, "I'm not privy to any such thing. She has the right to go."
He spoke about the difficulties of navigating contentious topics while shedding light on emerging ideas like intersectionality and the depiction of victimhood in cinema.

Shorey shared, "In the beginning, after 2014, between 2014 and 2019, there was a protest against lynching. Mob lynching in the name of cows. So I went to one protest because I do believe human life is more precious than a cow's life. So I went to one. There I saw... I went there, and with that, there were other things too. Like, someone is standing, I don't know what, kill Brahmins, or kill Brahminism, something like that. I was like, what's happening? Whatever I had to do here, with this placard, if someone took this photo of me, then my own family would bury me."

"So, after that, I just, whatever I want to say, I'll say individually on my social media or in an interview. I don't want to be part of it because there are too many agendas.

Intersectional is the word nowadays, you know intersectional...vo gender se bhi pareshan hai, caste se bhi pareshan hai, sex se bhi pareshan hai, class se bhi pareshan hai.. mere ko smajh nahi aata ye ..and I'm saying in filmmaking, I've seen there are films in intersectionality. It is victim porn. And that has become a genre now. So, I believe films are art and entertainment," he added.

Ranvir is a former VJ and actor. Since his debut in 'Ek Chhotisi Love Story' (2002), he has been in several films, including Jism (2003) and Lakshya (2004). He has also been in highly praised films such as 'Khosla Ka Ghosla', 'Traffic Signal', 'Bheja Fry' (2007), and Mithya (2008).

He was also seen in 'Accident or Conspiracy: Godhra'.

His recent show 'Sunflower season 2' is receiving a good response. Picking up from where Season 1 left off, police duo DG and Tambe, portrayed by Ranvir Shorey and Girish Kulkarni respectively, continue their relentless hunt for Kapoor's murderer. Rosie is a bar dancer, who has inherited Kapoor's penthouse, raising more questions in the case. As the story progresses, love and romance will flourish between Sonu and Rosie.

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