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"Her priority Will Be Bollywood...": Vikramaditya On Kangana Ranaut

05:33 PM Mar 25, 2024 IST | appteam
 her priority will be bollywood      vikramaditya on kangana ranaut
"Her priority Will Be Bollywood...": Vikramaditya On Kangana Ranaut

Shimla: After the Bharatiya Janata Party fielded Bollywood Actress Kangana Ranaut from Mandi Constituency for the Lok Sabha elections, Congress leader Vikramaditya Singh on Monday said that it is for the people of state to decide if they want to elect a politician who will remain with them or they want to vote in the name of stardom.

Appreciating the contribution of Kangana Ranaut, Vikramaditya said that she has contributed to Bollywood and has made the country and state proud, but the political battleground is new for her.

"As far as Kangna Ranaut as the candidate of BJP is concerned, we respect her. She is a renowned actress and she has made our state proud in Bollywood. I have watched a few movies here and she has done good work.. This is a political battleground, and this constituency represents one-third of the state. The big question arises is fielding a person whose priorities are to act in films and has a relationship with Bollywood. Will she be able to give time to this one-third area of Himachal Pradesh?" he said.

Further, the Congress leader said that the BJP's decision to field Kangana Ranaut is not right as her priority will be Bollywood.

"Relying on stardom is not the right decision. To my knowledge, her priority will be Bollywood. The people of Mandi will have to decide if they want a all-time politician who is always among the people in their grief - sorrow and happiness or they will vote on stardom. this decision will be taken by the people of Mandi," he added.

Vikramaditya also raised questions about the contribution of Kangana Ranaut, the daughter of Himachal Pradesh, to the state, which will also have to be assessed soon.

"Whatever she has contributed to our state is a big question. She also announced something during the floods but did not contribute. I don't want to get into that but whatever contribution was expected from the daughter of Himachal Pradesh is a debatable topic. We shall discuss all these issues shortly. Once she steps into the battleground, these issues will naturally be discussed," Singh said.

The Himachal Pradesh minister asserted that the Congress MP was among the people of the state and has tried to help in disaster-hit situations.

On being asked about the six Congress rebels joining the BJP, he said that the people of state will answer this in by-elections. He also said that the Congress party will overcome all political, legal and economic battles shortly.

"During the Assembly Elections in 2022-23, the people of the state have given a message and mandate in favour of the Congress party, and under the leadership of Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu, we are trying our best to contribute to the development of the state. Certainly, there were shortcomings also, I have been a person who has been speaking frankly against the wrong and also supported the right," he said.

"We had a majority with the mandate of 40 MLAs, and three independents were supporting us now they have left and joined another party. Now the people of the state will decide which way to move. I am sure people will support the Congress party. We shall overcome and win all battles be it political, economic or legal. We also need introspection, and we shall improve those shortcomings. The candidates will be finalized soon at the meeting of the party scheduled in Chandigarh," he added.

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