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Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation Turns Dumping Sites Into Food Courts

09:38 AM Aug 14, 2022 IST | appteam
greater hyderabad municipal corporation turns dumping sites into food courts

Hyderabad (Telangana): With an aim to create employment opportunities for the youth, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has turned the roadside which was once a black spot and dumping ground for garbage into a food street.

The unique initiative was taken up by the GHMC to start a food court on the streets in Hyderabad through which several unemployed people will be able to earn money. Initially, an amount of Rs 19,500 has to be paid for the stall and become the owner of the food stall.
One of the beneficiaries, Mohd Shareef said that he got an idli and dosa stall in the Vijay Nagar colony.

‘Earlier the road was bad and later the MLA cleaned it and put up the stalls. I was unemployed and now I got the stall and I am employed,’ said Shareef.

He further thanked the K Chandrashekar Rao government and the MLA of the area for giving an employment opportunity.

Another beneficiary, Mohd Ghouse said that there was a lot of garbage on the roadside but the MLA of the area cleaned it with a plan to convert the area into food Street.

‘I got the food stall because of Jaffer Hussain. There was a lot of garbage earlier, they cleaned it many times but the MLA had come up with a plan to convert the area into food Street. After making it a food street, unemployed like us were given jobs. We thank the Telangana government for giving us an opportunity to get employed,’ he added.

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