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"Fight One Election On Unemployment, Inflation And Your Policies": Priyanka Gandhi To PM Modi

08:43 AM May 15, 2024 IST | NEWS Desk
 fight one election on unemployment  inflation and your policies   priyanka gandhi to pm modi
"Fight One Election On Unemployment, Inflation And Your Policies": Priyanka Gandhi To PM Modi

Amethi (Uttar Pradesh) [India]: Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi has "challenged" Prime Minister Narendra Modi to fight one election on issues like unemployment, inflation and his policies.

Addressing a rally here on Tuesday, Priyanka said, "I challenge the Prime Minister to fight one election on unemployment, inflation and your policies. Tell the public once, what you have done for the poor, for the labourers, for the common man. He can't tell because he hasn't done anything."

"The truth of this country is that the politics that dominate this country is the politics of lies. They tell lies and go everywhere, and do Hindus and Muslims. A lot has been said; Hindus and Muslims should become aware now. You are being misled. Votes are being sought in the name of God but work is not being done in the name of God," she added.

Further, the Congress leader said that if God were standing in front of people today, he would have said "Don't vote in my name."
"God will say, don't vote in my name but ask your leader what he has done for you," Priyanka said.

Earlier in the same rally on Tuesday, Priyanka Gandhi criticised PM Modi for not fulfilling the promises made to the people and said, 'Bade Bade Vaade, Zameen Par Kuch Nahi.'

Taking a dig at BJP, the Congress leader said, "BJP's history is the same, 'Bade Bade Vaade, Zameen Par Kuch Nahi' (Big promises, but nothing on ground). Prime Minister Narendra Modi made big promises. He had said of providing two crore jobs, he had said that the income of farmers will be doubled, he had said that he will bring back the black money and deposit Rs 15 lakh in your bank accounts. But the truth is that my sisters are not able to face inflation... My farmer brothers are aware that they cannot look after the family with the income from farming."

Amethi will vote in the fifth phase of the Lok Sabha elections in the state on May 20.

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