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Feel Bad For Gaurav Gogoi: Piyush Hazarika's Dig At Congress MP

08:53 AM Feb 06, 2024 IST | NEWS Desk
feel bad for gaurav gogoi  piyush hazarika s dig at congress mp
Feel Bad For Gaurav Gogoi: Piyush Hazarika's Dig At Congress MP

New Delhi [India: Assam Minister Piyush Hazarika took a dig at Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi, saying that he feels bad for Gogoi as the latter has to resort to such tantrums to please ‘one family’ and to get a ticket from Assam’s Nagaon for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls.

‘I feel really bad for @GauravGogoiAsm dangoriya . To make one family happy – so they give him a ticket from Nagaon by removing a sitting MP – what all he needs to do ! The way he misbehaved today in Parliament, he has insulted Assam,’ Hazarika said in a post on ‘X’.

Gogoi has reportedly shown interest in contesting from Nagaon parliamentary constituency, where other Congress strongmen like sitting MP Pradyut Bordoloi and former Assam Minister Rakibul Hussain have also submitted their applications for candidature.

Gogoi had a verbal spat with Speaker Om Birla on Friday, while the former was interrupted several times during his Motion of Thanks on the President’s address.

Next, while Gogoi was speaking on the suspension of as many as 146 MPs from the House, the Speaker asked him not to question the decision of the HouseWhile Gogoi said that the Narendra Modi government has transformed the Parliament from a ‘temple of democracy’ to a ‘king’s court,’ Birla interrupted him again, asking him not to critique the House in which he was speaking.

While Gogoi went on to speak about Union Home Minister Amit Shah not giving a statement on the Parliament security breach, Birla asked him to limit his speech to the President’s address.

On Monday, Gogoi accused the Prime Minister of being ‘arrogant’ during his Motion of Thanks and also referred to him as ‘maharaj’.

‘Today PM Modi tried his best to counter INC President Mallikarjun Kharge’s speech in RS. While the latter remained dignified the former seemed arrogant. Maharaj should remember that arrogance was the downfall of Raavan. People will break this arrogance in 2024,’ the Congress MP said in a post on ‘X’. 

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