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"Every Device You Handle Is Learning You Bit By Bit": ISRO Chief On AI

08:40 AM Jan 18, 2024 IST | NEWS Desk
 every device you handle is learning you bit by bit   isro chief on ai
"Every Device You Handle Is Learning You Bit By Bit": ISRO Chief On AI

Guwahati (Assam) [India]: Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO) Chairman, S Somanath on Wednesday spoke on the alarming situation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) growth and said AI is omnipresent and that every phone, every key we use is learning about us bit by bit and adding our signature to the system.

While speaking at an event organised by Pragjyotishpur University in Guwahati, the ISRO Chairman said, ‘Today we are talking about artificial intelligence. AI is all around us. Every phone that you handle is actually learning you bit by bit. Every key that you use actually gives a signature of you into the system.’

The ISRO chief also warned about artificial intelligence’s potential takeover in the coming future and said that ‘AI will start ruling many things here.’

‘They know who you are, what are your tastes. The computer knows everything. You may not know, your friends may not know but the computer system knows you better than your friends. It will also grow in the days to come, AI will start ruling many things here,’ the ISRO chief said.

Earlier on January 11, Somnath, while outlining India’s ambitious vision for its space programme, had said India will build a space station by 2035 and an Indian presence on the moon by 2040.

Reflecting on the recent successes of ISRO and the guidance provided by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Somanath said the prime minister has always been a fervent advocate for the space endeavours of India.

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