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Dhanteras: Five Auspicious Things To Buy On This Occasion

04:54 PM Oct 18, 2022 IST | News Desk
dhanteras  five auspicious things to buy on this occasion

Mumbai (Maharashtra): Dhanteras, also known as Dhantrayodashi, is a significant Hindu festival that ushers in Diwali celebrations.

The festival of wealth and prosperity known as Dhanteras will be celebrated on October 23 this year. Dhan represents riches, and Teras denotes the thirteenth day.

The five-day Diwali festival officially starts on this day, also known as Dhanatrayodashi. It is believed that the Goddess Lakshmi emerged from the ocean of milk on this day, during Samundra Manthan, or the churning of the sea. One of the luckiest and best days to buy expensive items is today.

On this day, people purchase items made of brass, silver, and gold since it is believed that doing so will bring good fortune, success, and protection from the evil eye.

Here is a list of auspicious items you must purchase this Dhanteras 2022 in order to bring good fortune and luck your way.

1. Utensils

Considering that utensils are seen as a symbol of prosperity, Dhanteras is an excellent time to restock your utensil rack.

If one can afford it, purchasing jewellery made of gold, silver, or brass, silverware, or kitchenware fulfils the same purpose. Utensils made of brass, copper, or silver should be used instead of those made of steel or iron, and, in accordance with custom, they should be filled with food or water before entering the house with other recently acquired objects.

Scissors, knives, pins, and aluminium utensils shouldn’t be purchased as they are associated with Rahu, or evil omen.

2. Electronic items

Dhanteras is the ideal time to upgrade your phone, television, or other electronic appliances if you’ve been considering it.

On Dhanteras, it is also considered lucky to purchase a new phone, laptop, television, microwave, refrigerator, or other equipment. You can take advantage of the Diwali sale and save a lot of money by buying new devices during Dhanteras, which is one benefit.

3. Gold and silver coins

The ‘dhan’ and the goddess Lakshmi, who is symbolised by a one-rupee coin, are both worshipped on this day throughout the nation.

In order to honour Goddess Lakshmi, businesses across the nation generally decorate their offices in a similar manner. Gold and silver coins are quite valued on this day.

4. Jewellery

Jewellery investment is always a wise choice, Gold is a symbol of prosperity and wealth. People may rely on it as a long-term asset in difficult times.

The lucky occasions to buy gold in India are around Dhanteras and Diwali.

5. Idols of gods and goddesses

Adding new god and goddess idols to one’s puja area is beneficial during Dhanteras. You can buy figurines made of marble, wood, brass, silver, or any other material, perform aarti, and then keep them in your puja area.

In addition, you can purchase clay or metal Lakshmi Ganesh idols, as their use in puja is seen to be advantageous.

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