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Delhi Zoo Authority Makes Arrangements For Cooling Animals From Heat

04:52 PM May 18, 2022 IST | appteam
delhi zoo authority makes arrangements for cooling animals from heat

As the temperature in Delhi increases, the National Zoological Park in the national capital makes arrangements for animals in the zoo to beat the heat.

Sprinklers, Ice slabs, and coolers were installed for the animals at the Delhi Zoo. Dharmdeo Rai, Indian Forest Service (IFS), Director at National Zoological Park, New Delhi said, ‘Delhi zoo as everyone knows is a very old Chidiya Ghar and over the years we have installed many inbuild systems keeping the heat in mind.’

Rai said that they have put an agro net there which gives them shade and the temperature decreases for the animals.

Delhi ZOO

‘First, our layer of defence for animals to beat the heat is that we have made arrangements for sheds in enclosures. For example, there are many trees for the animals. If any corner doesn’t have a tree then we put an agro net there which gives them shade and the temperature decreases for them. Second, there are small ponds for them to take bath. Third, one can see for deers, there are water bodies, but to keep the land wet, we have installed sprinklers,’ he said.

He further said that when there is scorching heat, the zoo authority also uses ice slabs for bears which keep the temperature down and they also enjoy it.

‘Apart from these, as it is too hot, we have coolers as well which are run continuously on such days which relaxes the animals,’ he added.

Delhi Zoo

Since the heatwave has started, coolers are continuously running, water is always filled in water ponds. ‘We change the water regularly. So, we focus the most during the period of a heatwave for these arrangements. Even we have installed showers for the elephants,’ Rai said.

Every zoo makes its diet schedule as per the guidelines issued by the central authority. In diet schedule, whatever diet is in nature, they try to follow it, he added.

‘You will see that all birds and animals will eat seasonal fruits, and grass and based on that we provide seasonal fruits. In summers, cool things are most which make animals feel breezy like cucumber and other fruits. Accordingly, their diet is changed,’ he said.

He said that thee are about 1,100 animals currently in Delhi Zoo and everyone has a different diet.

‘Their portion of eating food is fixed. For non-vegetarian animals, there is a one day fast for them in a week which will help them in recovering the food they have eaten in the other 6 days,’ he added.

Amid the rising temperature, last week Ahmedabad zoo and Puducherry Forests Department authorities also said that they have made arrangements to protect animals from heat.

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